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Same high efficiency – now made from 50% recycled fibers 🔁

The well-known Micro Vision Heavy Duty mop, which you already know and trust, is now available in a greener version, made from 50% recycled GRS-certified fibers. The mop has therefore become more environmentally friendly without compromising on efficiency. In addition, the Micro Vision HD mop is Swan-labeled, meaning that it meets a range of ambitious […]

Tentax Ultra Shine Glass Recycled – Same High Quality with 80% Recycled Fibers

With a focus on both cleaning efficiency and the environment, NMF’s well-known glass cloth is now made from a remarkable 80% recycled fibers, yet it remains just as effective as you know it. ✅ A Sustainable Choice: By choosing a GRS-certified cloth like Tentax Ultra Shine Glass, you are taking a step towards a more […]

Product news: washing net collects microplastics

MARINE ECO FILTER: specially designed washing net with a that collects fiber remains and microplastics during machine washing. It’s also better for your cloths and mops when you use the washing net, as it reduces wear and tear on textiles with up to 70%. That means an extended service life for the textile products. The […]

NMF launches ground-breaking take back system for microfiber

From waste to resources We have innovated the way we throw out microfiber products now as today the cloths and mops are sorted as refuse disposal. They are being incinerated, and valuable material is going to waste. NMF wants to change that and therefore we now launch TAKE BACK by NMF. We collect. We sort. […]

Microfiber cloth of 70% recycled post-consumer waste

The popular microfiber cloth Super Tentax is now produced of 70% recycled polyester, certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS certification offers security for wholesalers and end-users. GRS is an assurance that the product  actually is produced of recycled material. Recycled polyester provides measurable positive impacts on the environment. The impacts are visible in […]

NMF first with Global Recycled Standard certification

First in Denmark with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified microfiber products for professional cleaning. The strategy is carefully planned and initiated. In 2025 our entire series of Nordic Swan ecolabelled products is produced of recycled material. And naturally, all the products are GRS certified. We expand our certifications with a new important certificate. Soon it […]

Product news: Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle

Nordisk Microfiber launches a new telescopic handle with curved shape, which makes it easy to clean under bookcases and furniture. It minimizes the strain on the body and ensures a proper working environment. Therefore, Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle optimizes both the cleaning quality and the ergonomic working postures. Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle incl. […]

10 years as director for NMF

This year it is exactly 10 years since we made a generational handover in NMF. Therefore, our director Rune Sejten can celebrate his 10th anniversary as responsible for the development of NMF. The specialist journal Rent i Danmark has stopped by regarding Rune’s anniversary and that is now an article in the specialist journal. You […]

Exclusive and sustainable trolleys: NRT 2.0 HoReCa

Experience the new exclusive and sustainable series of hotel trolleys: Nordic Recycle Trolley 2.0 HoReCa – a complete series with 5 models. The perfect trolley for daily refilling and service on hotels. Use it to transport linen, towels, supplies or other practical things. The minimalist design and the sustainable materials leave a professional and eco-friendly […]

Cleaning trolley of the future: NRT 2.0 Facility Management

When you choose Nordic Recycle Trolley 2.0 you will have a cleaning trolley for the next 10 years. Minimum. It obviously puts demands on the flexibility and therefore NRT 2.0 is built in modules. It means that the trolley is easy for the end-user to rebuild when the needs are changing. The matt black design […]

NMF launches exclusive and sustainable trolleys

This week we are launching Nordic Recycle Trolley 2.0 – Exclusive Design Line. A complete series of the future’s cleaning and support trolleys. The series includes 9 different models for Facility Management and HoReCa. The future demands for cleanings trolleys are incorporated in NRT 2.0. A powerful and massive update compared to the previous version […]

Easy and colour coded sorting at source

Are you aware of that the new 2021 directive on waste becomes effective from july? Managing ressources is a big gain for the environment. Nordic Recycle Waste Management is produced with certified recycled plastic and controlled by TÜV NORD. The products are moreover HACCP approved, and therefore they can be used in areas with food […]

NMF expands the group of owners for the first time

We are very proud and pleased with that Anja Sørensen is commenced as partner at Nordisk Microfiber. Anja has been employed at NMF for more than 5 years, and the recent years as Office Manager. Through the years she has performed at a high level, improved her skills and strengthen her qualifications within several areas. […]

Control microorganisms with microfiber

Eventhough it is invisible to the naked eye, it is not all mops that leave the floor perfectly clean. That is why it isn’t unimportant which mop you choose. We have earlier demonstrated and described the major difference between microfiber and cotton. And the result is evident every time: ☑️ Microfiber is without a doubt […]

See documentation: mop removes 99% bacteria/viruses

Some times it helps to see things for oneself – then why no just show HOW good Mikro Vision Mop cleans? It is possible with this video where the best seller mop removes 99% of UV illuminated bacteria mass 👇🏼 ☑️ UV light illuminates simulated bacteria mass – before and after wiping ☑️ Demonstrates how […]

PRODUCT NEWS: Mop dispenser

Do you dispense mops correctly before cleaning? Correct dosage is crucial when the cleaning must be of highest quality. It is crucial because: If the mop is too dry – it means lower cleaning quality on the surface If the mop is too wet – it meant lower cleaning quality on the surface See the […]

Leading microfiber mop removes 99,9% bacteria

Mikro Vision Health Care The leading microfiber mop   See the video when it removes 99,9% of UV illuminated bacteria mass 👇🏼   ☑️ UV light illuminates simulated bacteria mass – before and after wiping ☑️ Mikro Vision Health Care cleans the surface and picks up 99,9% bacteria ☑️ See ISO certified laboratory test that […]

Does Super Tentax microfiber cloth really pick up 99% of bacteria?

Watch the video and see it yourself ☑️ UV light illuminates simulated bacteria mass – before and after wiping ☑️ Shows Super Tentax in action when it cleans the surface and collects minimum 99% of bacteria ☑️ Naturally, we have an ISO certified laboratory test that documents the 99% pick-up rate Download bacteria test: Super […]

Microfiber or cotton mop? Watch the video and decide yourself 🎦

At Nordisk Microfiber our laboratory ensures the optimal friction and picking up. Test, test and more test is essential in the development of microfiber mops. Here the picking up test shows why Mikro Vision Mop is the undoubted most popular microfiber mop on the market: Efficient = saves time for the end-user Mikro Vision cleans […]

Interactive cleaning areas – help you find the right product

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right product since the selection features more  than 69 different microfiber mops and 35 microfiber cloths. It can be even more difficult if you are at a client and do not have all the products available. That is why we have developed interactive cleaning areas. They demonstrate […]


Changed washing instructions for NMF’s microfiber mops and microfiber cloths Since the development of the covid-19 outbreak in Denmark has changed significantly, we hereby call attention to change of washing instructions for ALL NMF’s microfiber mops and microfiber cloths. Because of danger of infection we change recommended washing instructions so covid-19 do not survive when […]

Newsletter #2 2020

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News: Extra light weight alu mop frame, 120 cm

We now offer a mop frame for velcro mops at size 120 cm after an increasing demand.
The size makes it possible to use velcro mops to sweep large areas.

News: Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle

Det nyudviklede Ultra Ergo Globe teleskopskaft hæver standarden for ergonomien med sine smarte, innovative detaljer.

SNEAK PEEK from product catalogue 2020

3 news icons make it easy to see the advantages and the savings for sustainable products. 

Nordic Recycle Waste Management

NRW is a new waste management system – stylish, functional and sustainable!
It is made of 75% recycled plastic and all materials used are 100% recyclable.

READY-TO-USE – The simple cleaning concept

The complete cleaning system with all articles included.

Documented cleaning effect

All of our Nordics Swan Ecolabelled products have undergone an ISO-certified test to document their ability to collect bacteria. The tests document a bacteria pick-up between 99-99.9%. The test reports are ready for download for each Nordic Swan Ecolabelled product. Guidance based on data and documentation increases the credibility and it provides security for the […]

Circular cleaning concept

Strengthen your environmental profile with a circular cleaning concept from NMF

Nordic Recycle Trolley

Environmentally conscious, stylish and customised!

Comprehensive eco-labelling of the BASIC line

90% af vores basic-serie er nu miljømærket med STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® – Tiltro til tekstiler. Certificeringen forener laveste indkøbspris med produkter, der er dokumenteret uden skadelige stoffer.