Telescopic handles (10)

On this page you will find the best selection of telescopic mop handles that ensure ergonomic work positions. Our telescopic mop handles fit to all our mop frames. Nordisk Microfiber are specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling professional cleaning articles for wholesalers. Below you can see our selection of telescopic mop handles and find the right one for your needs.

Ultra Ergo Curved – incl. 40 cm mop frame


Ultra Ergo Curved – incl. 60 cm mop frame


Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle, 60-110 cm


Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle, 100-180 cm


Ergo Globe telescopic handle, 100-180 cm

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Clean Plus H.B.2, foam handle 100-180 cm


Clean Plus Standard, 150 cm


Clean Plus H.2, 60-100 cm


Clean Plus H.B.3, 70-180 cm


ErgoBend universal, d20-25 mm


What is the difference between the telescopic mop handles?

A rule of thumb is, when you enlarge the mop handle, it is recommended for cleaning floors and when the mop handle is used in a smaller position, it is recommended for interior cleaning.

Our telescopic mop handles fit to all our mop frames, and they are very easy to attach. Remember to use the universal lock in order to secure the mop handle to the mop frame.

You will find a wide selection of telescopic handles adapted to different requirements. Some are with foam for a softer grip, other are without foam to ease sanitizing and to meet hygienic standard.

When the ergonomis is important – choose Globe 

Our telescopic mop handles from the Globe line, are optimized to be the most ergonomic telescopic mop handles on the market. Especially the newly developed mop handle Ultra Ergo Globe with rotatable knob and rotatable handle for maximum ergonomic. It is solid and durable lightweight. It is the only telescopic mop handle that can be placed against the wall without toppling due to the angular top of rubber and therefore it ensures unnecessary bows.

Ergonomic mop handles ensure minimal strain on wrist, arms and shoulders.

According to Branchefællesskab for arbejdsmiljø great ergonomic is inextricably linked with with great working methods and cleaning articles. They recommend using articles and methods for cleaning that strain the body as liddle as possible.

Telescopic handles for dusting high places

Furthermore, the telescopic mop handles can be used to enlarge the reach of dusting tools. When using an adapter it is possible to attach dusting tools to the telescopic handles.

All telescopic mop handles manufactured by Nordisk Microfiber are of very high quality, so regardless of which teleschopic handle you choose, the service life will be long. They are all produced under ISO certified stands (14001 og 9001).

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