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On this page you will find the best selection of high-quality professional dusters for industrial use. Our microfiber dusters are especially popular when it comes to clean difficult places due to the flexibility of the mop and handle.

Cover for duster, 51 cm

  • Pro

Dust mop for handle, 51 cm

  • Pro

Duster handle, 51

  • Pro

Dust mop - Complete, 51 cm

  • Pro

Dust mop - Complete set, 51 cm

  • Pro

Cover for duster, 73 cm

  • Pro

Dust mop for handle, 73 cm

  • Pro
  • Bestseller

Duster handle, 73 cm

  • Pro
  • Bestseller

Dust mop - Complete set, 73 cm


Dust mop - Complete, 73 cm

  • Pro
  • Bestseller

Adapter for handle


Tender Dustbuster, 1 handle + 5 dusters

  • Basic - Budget Product

Tentax håndmoppe til rør

  • Pro

Duster with telescopic handle, 80-120 cm

  • Basic - Budget Product

Microfiber dusters’s flexibility is your advantage

One of the things that is exceptional is the flexibility of the microfiber dusters. The flexible handle makes it possible to clean difficult places but more importantly: it is possible to bend it to 90CO and hold the position. In that way, plane surfaces placed high can easily be cleaned. The flexibility also allows to put on a cover of microfiber.

The cover makes it possible to clean behind radiators. As the microfiber gets electrostatic, the dust behind the radiators will easily stick to the cover. Read more about the cleaning power of microfiber here.

The detachable microfiber dust mop can be washed again and again – actually it tolerates 500 washes – it means the microfiber duster has a long service life.

Using professional dusters makes it easy to remove dust all places which ensures clean and healthy areas.

All our dusters are produced under ISO certified stands (14001 og 9001), which guarantees the highest standards.

Dusters for all needs

We offer three different product lines, the BASIC line focuses on the best quality at lowest price, the BASIC+ line focuses on balancing quality and pricing fairly and the PRO line focuses on the highest possible quality. The three product lines ensures that it is possible to find the right duster matching the specific needs.

Get day-to-day delivery with us

We know how important it is for our customers to get their deliveries as fast as possible. Due to this we of course offer day-to-day delivery on orders. We have a great capacity which makes it possible for us to move large quantities of goods in a short amount of time. Our logistic system will let you know when your products are expected to arrive.

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