We use more than 15 different machines for development, eco-labelling and test of the products. We test everything regarding the functionalities and qualities of the microfiber products. We do it to test thoroughly and quality assure newly developed products - when documentation is important.  

NMF laboratory

Our laboratory is the key to innovation and documentation


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Nordic wan microfiber products
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How big difference is there between a microfiber and a cotton mop? 

Watch the video – and the big difference between our high-end microfiber mop Mikro Vision Mop and a cotton mop. The test machine is for comparing the cleaning performance.

This pick-up test shows the difference between
Mikro Vision Mop (microfiber mop) and
Clean Plus Damp Mop (cotton mop).


NMF laboratorie

Science Lab

NMF makes use of in-house laboratory as far as possible when it comes to development and test of products. More than 15 different machines test everything from washing test, friction test, asbsorption test, strength test of the piece goods to autoclave other things.


Bacteria test

In the laboratory the products are tested under conditions in a secured and bounded area. That makes it possible to document the pick-up rate for different kind of bacteria and microorganisms and how fast they are decomposed in the products.

All bacteria reports for NMF nordic swan ecolabelled products are free to download.

On the picture: see the difference between a regular microfiber cloth (yellow) and on Tentax Nano-Ag+ (red). On the regular  microfiber cloth the bacteria grow in the cloth and on Tentax Nano-Ag+ the bacteria are decomposed by use of silver ions technology. Download data sheet for Tentax Nano-Ag+ here to see the decomposing time of the bacteria.


Autoclave test

Autoclave is af  er et specially developed machine for sterilising products.
The product is exposed for saturated water vapour with a temperature at 121 OC at aprox. 2 bars for 30 minutes.
Autoclave is used to a great extent in the Health Care industry.

Under product information it is mentioned which NMF product that tolerate autoclave.

Washing test

Washing test

Our most sed machine is Electrolux (W5105H) industrial washing machine. It is used for washing test of products to guarantee that the product, under the hardest conditions, can stand the number of washes mentioned in the data sheet.

The same laundry detergent is used every time to ensure a consistent washing test.
Laundry detergent usedt: Diversey Claxprofi36A1, Ph 11.

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Bacteria & viruses reports

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Download bacteria/viruses reports

Fiber fragmentation

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Download fiber fragmentation certificates

Autoclave test

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Download autoclave reports