NMF certifications

NMF works as a responsible and environmentally conscious company. We reduce impact on the environment – from production to disposal. We are committed through:

With our commitments and engagement we contribute to UN’s 17 world goals:

Sustainable consumption and production  

Sustainable consumption and production   


Membership of Amfori BSCI – Code of Conduct

amfori - trade with purpose

NMF takes joint responsibility for improving social conditions in the production stage. Amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. Their Code of Conduct consists of guidelines 11 about NMF’s production conditions, which are to be complied via yearly external audit.

Nordic Swan eco-label

Ecolabel Nordic Swan

Nordic Swan eco-label is the highest eco-label and guarantee for the highest product and cleaning quality. Nordic Swan eco-label is the consumer’s CSR assurance that the products are the most eco-friendly and sustainable in their category. The products are life cycle documented from from cradle to grave as a part of the standards of the Nordic Swan eco-label.
All Nordic Swan eco-labelled NMF products are recyclable – and therefore they are a part of NMF Zero Waste Product Concept.
See all Nordic Swan eco-labelled products here.

OEKO-TEX eco-label

OEKO-TEX - OTS100 - 2176-336

90% of the basic line is eco-labelled with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX100-confidence in textiles. The world’s leading health and environmental ecolabel.
The eco-label ensures that the products do not contain environmentally damaging and health hazardous substances, which are damaging to humans, animals and water environment. There is being tested for more than 300  different substances in the products. OEKO-TEX Std. 100 is focused on the production of the raw material, including dyeing of the piece goods.  
See all OEKO-TEX eco-labelled products here.

UN’s sustainable development goals

UN's Sustainable Development GoalsZero Waste Products

NMF Zero Waste Product Concept is characterised by  their sustainability from production to recycling – all products in this concept are 100% recyclable and are circular.
In this way they stay in the product loop.
See for example the new genereation of cleaning trolleys; Nordic Recycle Trolley 2.0.

Social responsibility

Kræftens bekæmpelse    We support Danske Hospitalsklovne

We support a number of  non-profit organizations, as we believe that social responsibility is important.
For the sixth year running we support the Danish Hospital Clowns and The Danish Cancer Society.

Bisnode Credit rating

  Credit rating

NMF has been assigned AAA – highest creditworthiness:
A company with especially good ability to oblige payment obligations. Based on Bisnode’s  credit rating system, that gives ratings from C to AAA.
The rating is based on the assessments basic data, ownership, economy and payments.
Only 2% of all danish companies has been assigned an AAA rating. A high credit worthiness is equal a credible and reliable business partner.

Environmental policy

We have composed an environmental policy in order to engage us to continuously reducing the environmental impact, which is a part of World Goal number 13. 

  • We separate waste
  • Our website is 100% CO2 neutral
  • Nonmarketable products are send to authorised combustion
  • All products are manufactured under control with REACH SVHC candidate list
  • When dyeing the microfiber products only pastel shades are used because they impact the environment as little as possible