Marine Eco Filter - Vaskenet

Product news: washing net collects microplastics

MARINE ECO FILTER: specially designed washing net with a that collects fiber remains and microplastics during machine washing. It’s also better for your cloths and mops when you use the washing net, as it reduces wear and tear on textiles with up to 70%. That means an extended service life for the textile products.

The washing net’s filter is a functional membrane so tightly that it keeps textile remains as small as microplastics. The fibers remain in the net and are easy to remove and throw away correctly after washing. Despite the membrane, the washing effect is not affected at all.

  • Prevent the release of microplastics
  • Possible to wash microfiber and cotton in the same wash
  • Reduces wear and tear on textiles and extends the products’ service lifte with up to 70%

MARINE ECO prevents microplastic pollution in water environments.

Patent pending 10-2022-0036178


Wear after 250 Washes