Following washing instructions should be followed:

Mashine washing

Microfiber mops and microfiber cloths are machine washable at up to 95°C. They tolerate washing degrees down to 70°C, because the fibres open up at 67°C, where the water hoses the splitted fibres.

Do not wash microfiber products under 70°C, because the fibres will not be clean when washed at lower temperatures.


To dry microfiber mops and cloths with a tumbler, use one of following settings:

  1. Use the cool tumble dry setting 
  2. Set it to cupboard dry, max 60°C.

Washing detergent

  • Use regular detergent (Ph<10,5)
  • Dose 1/3 of recommended dosage, as microfiber is self-cleaning at temperatures over 67°C
  • Do not use washing enhancer
  • Do not use fabric softener, as it encases the fibres (when used – wash again without fabric softener)
  • Do not use chlorine or bleach, aside from what the detergent already contains

Textiles and machine washing

Remember always to wash the four different types of products separately, as the products contain different bacteria since they are used on different surfaces.

Wash separately with advantage, as the material keeps nap from other textile.

Use washing nets when washed with other textiles – especially textiles that leave lints


Do you search for further information about maintenance of a specific product? Information about maintenance of the each product is to be found in the data sheets of the products. 

Each cleaning system comes with a number of obligations to continuously renew mops, cloths, handles and mop frames. We recommend that 33% of the cleaning system is being renewed every two years.  This way a continuous renewal takes place, so the standard of the cleaning do not decline.