Leading microfiber mop removes 99,9% bacteria

Mikro Vision Health Care
The leading microfiber mop


See the video when it removes 99,9% of UV illuminated bacteria mass 👇🏼


☑️ UV light illuminates simulated bacteria mass – before and after wiping

☑️ Mikro Vision Health Care cleans the surface and picks up 99,9% bacteria

☑️ See ISO certified laboratory test that documents the pick-up rate


Download bacteria test:


Yes it collects at least 99,9% bacteria? And it is docmented (ISO certified).

Mikro Vision Health Care Mop is the leading mop in professional cleaning for:

  • Floors that are particularly difficult to use a mop and to collect dirt from
  • Areas with a lot of people
  • Areas with high demands to the sanitation

It is specially developed for:

🗸  Hospital cleaning

🗸  ESD floors

🗸  Anti-slip floors

🗸  Industrial floors

🗸  Linoleum floors

🗸  Kitchens and canteens

The microfiber mop consists of patented industrial fiber: chenille microfiber,
which is the newest and most powerful microfiber in the cleaning business.

If yu have any questions or need guidance your are always welcome to contact us.