Wet Mop (2)

On this page you will find our selection of industrial wet mops. Wet mop is a classic cleaning article for staircase cleaning. Below you can see our wet mops for professional use.

Wet Mop, 350 g - with band

  • Basic - Budget Product

Wet Mop frame


A popular classic mop

NMF industrial wet mops are perfectly suitable for staircase cleaning or for areas with a high amount of dirt, where a lot of water for cleaning is needed.

Wet Mop is a classic cleaning article for cleaning staircases. We also recommend microfiber mops for cleaning staircases, but when the amount of dirt is high, the industrial wet mop is the obvious choice.

Floors with a rough surface will reduce the service life of the mop, but otherwise the industrial wet mop can be used on all floor types – as long as the floor tolerates a high amount of water, as the wet mop needs a lot of water for cleaning.

The selection offers two types of wet mop heads: a large and a smaller one.

The large one is a bit longer and it weighs more. Therefore, the large wet mop can carry more water and gets a bit heavier.

All wet mops are produced under ISO-certified standards (14001 og 9001).

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