Ergonomic telescopic handle for cleaning

News: Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle

The newly developed Ultra Ergo telescopic handle raise
the standards for ergonomics with it’s smart details.

The rotatable top and esppecially the rotatable handle ensures minimal strain in the wrists, arms ands shoulders.

Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle is made of lightweight  aluminium,
that ensures as strong and durable telescopic handle.

A small and smart detail makes it possible to place the handle against the wall without toppling.
The top is angular and made of non-slip rubber.

Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handles is available in 2 sizes:

Fixture cleaning: 60-100 cm (art. no. 43009)

Floor-washing: 100-180 cm (art. no. 44 009)

With it’s black and blue details
Ultra Ergo Globe telescopic handle
is a part of the same design as
the market’s most sustainable
cleaning trolley series:
Nordic Recycle Trolley.

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