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Nordisk Microfiber was established in 1998 and is a niche company that produces, develops and sells professional cleaning articles. Our products and broad assortment are exclusively distributed We sell to wholesalers, including wholesale of

We sell to wholesalers, including wholesale of microfiber cloths and microfiber mops. Nordisk Microfiber

Wholesale of professional microfiber products and cleaning equipment

In Nordisk Microfiber we do our work on the basis of:

“We make it easy to buy and use professional cleaning articles”

They are not just empty words for us. It is our why. It means that vi live up to our service concept, and that we always search for the optimal solution for our wholesalers. From choice of the right products to packaging of the articles.

We do not only sell professional cleaning articles to wholesalers. We advise in choise of products and we constantly develop, refine and improve our products. We educate in working methods, the effect of microfiber and sales tools.

Nordisk Microfiber are the preferred sounding board in the market, because we readily share our knowledge. That is why do not exclusively sell professional cleaning articles, guidance and knowledge go with the sale if required.

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See examples of how we make it easy to be a wholesaler at Nordisk Microfiber: