Hygiene Mop (5)

On this page you will find our popular hygiene mop ECO MOP for professional use and the articles that fit to the hygiene mop. They are produced under ISO certified stands (14001 og 9001), which guarantees the highest standards. Below you can see the selection.

Tentax Hygiene Mop, 6 rolls ECO MOP


Hygiene mop frame, 60 cm

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Tentax hygiene mop frame, 120 cm


Tentax Hygiene Mop-washable, 60 cm

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Tentax ECO MOP holder


Use the hygiene mop for the quick and efficient cleaning

Our hygiene mop ECO MOP is a hygienic disposable dry mop. It efficiently attracts dust, dirt and bacteria. Use it before floor-washing or use it for a quick and efficient removal of loose dirt.

With the thick pile and the great ability to get electrostatic, the ECO MOP hygiene mop is the best on the market.

Use the hygiene mop on all hard surfaces. No need to use water or chemicals.

1 hygiene mop cleans up to 300 m2 floor.  The mop easily cleans the floor due to the low friction and due to the extra light weight of the hygiene mop.

There is a small (60 cm) and a large (120 cm) mop frame that fits to the hygiene mop. Choose the mop frame that is adequate to the area.

If you want a washable version of the hygiene mop, Tentax Hygiene Mop or Performance Clean Plus Dry Fibre is an option.

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