Spare parts for cleaning trolleys (16)

On this page you will find spare parts for cleaning trolleys of stainless steel. Spare parts are helpful if you need to change or expand a cleaning trolley.
They are also very useful when it comes to extend the durability of a cleaning trolley.

Clip, D22 mm


Double holder for sack + washing net


Double holder for sack + bucket


Ringo Trolley sack holder


Ringo trolley sack support


Ringo double holder for sacks


Bucket holder, 10 litres


Stainless basket, 49,5 cm


Handle holder for basket


Holder for mop bucket


Holder for mop bucket


Sieve, angled


Holder for mop bucket, 25 litres


High Speed Champion wheels, D120 mm


High Speed Champion wheel with brake pedal


Filling hose


Spare parts – but for which system?

All spare parts on this page fit to cleaning trolleys of stainless steel, except for the angled sieve, it fits to Ringo mop bucket.

The spare parts are helpful when the requirements to the cleaning trolley are changed.

Naturally, the spare parts also extend the service life of the cleaning trolley because broken parts can be replaced.

All spare parts are produced under ISO certified standards (14001 og 9001).

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