READY-TO-USE – The simple cleaning concept

The complete cleaning system with all articles included.

SNEAK PEAK from product catalogue 2020

3 news icons make it easy to see the advantages and the savings for sustainable products. 

Nordic Recycle Waste Management

NRW is a new waste management system – stylish, functional and sustainable!
It is made of 75% recycled plastic and all materials used are 100% recyclable.

Documented cleaning effect

All of our Nordics Swan Ecolabelled products have undergone an ISO-certified test to document their ability to collect bacteria. The tests document a bacteria pick-up between 99-99.9%. The test reports are ready for download for each Nordic Swan Ecolabelled product. Guidance based on data and documentation increases the credibility and it provides security for the […]

Circular cleaning concept

Strengthen your environmental profile with a circular cleaning concept from NMF

Nordic Recycle Trolley

Environmentally conscious, stylish and customised!