Produktnyhed Ultra Ergo Buet

Product news: Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle

Nordisk Microfiber launches a new telescopic handle with curved shape, which makes it easy to clean under bookcases and furniture. It minimizes the strain on the body and ensures a proper working environment.

Therefore, Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle optimizes both the cleaning quality and the ergonomic working postures.

Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle incl. mop frame:

✔ Avoid unnecessary bends
✔ Curved shape = extremely low friction
✔ Optimizes ergonomic and working environment
✔ A solid construction prevents accumulation of bacteria

100-150 cm Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle incl. mop frame.
The mop frame is available in two sizes: 40 cm or 60 cm.

See more details in the video here.

The mop frame moves easily on the floor because the friction is extremely low – regardless which size mop frame you use (40 cm or 60 cm).
As the handle isn’t right-angled like traditional handles, it reduces the friction significantly during floor-washing.

The telescopic handle is particularly hygienic because of the solid construction on the handle’s upper part. The construction prevents accumulation of bacteria, which makes it suitable for the health sector among others. Can be placed against the wall without toppling because of the angular top.

Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle is only available as a collected set with handle and mop frame, because the adapter is specially designed. It ensures that the functionalities of the product is fully utilised.

See product description and download data sheet plus product picture here.