How to use microfiber

Microfiber mops are simple to use for cleaning

All you need to do is to prepare your cloths or mops with water and chemicals – and they are ready to use.

Microfiber only works optimally if is is dosed correctly cf. data sheets. Therefore, we have made video guides for preparing microfiber cloths and mops.S
See the guides here.

Guide for preparing microfiber cloths:


Guide for preparing microfiber mops:


To make it extra easy and you want to be sure that the mops are prepared correctly, then a mop dispenser is a quick and easy solution.

Why choose microfiber ?

There are many advantages in choosing microfiber when it comes to cleaning.
And microfiber systems are particular popular to use in professional cleaning.

Microfiber not only remove dust, dirt and bacteria, the microfiber ensures that all dirt stays in the cloth or mops instead of moving the dirt around.
As a result, the surfaces are left completely clean.

Some of the advantages in choosing microfiber instead of cotton are:

☑️ Save time
       You only need to wipe the surface one time to clean it
       Cotton requires more wipes of the surface

☑️ Pick up bacteria
       Microfiber pick up dust, dirt, and microorganisms – and bind it to the microfiber
       Cotton moves the dirt around

☑️ Impressive cleaning result
       You avoid too much water and stripes on the floor when using microfiber mops
       Cotton mops need more water on the floor to clean it

☑️ Long Durability
       Microfiber is an extremely strong material that lasts longer and does not get fast worn
       Cotton gets worn faster after repeated machine washes

☑️ Ergonomic
       No need to move a lot of water on the cleaning trolley as the microfiber is prepared and ready to use 
       When you use cotton you move many litres of water which strains the body

☑️ Improved indoor climate
       Microfiber uses 1/3 less water and 1/2 less chemicals compared to cotton mops