Private label – Customized solutions

Increase earnings and make private products identifiable by choosing private label.

Private Label microfiber products

Nordisk Microfiber produces Private Labels products to a number of brands in the cleaning industry.

The advantage of choosing Private Label products is, that you will get you own logo on the different products. We will willingly talk about which products you want or need to get your own logo on. Actually, it is possible to get a complete cleaning system with your own logo on it. Our most Private Label product is in the category microfiber cloths

If you want your own logo or product specifications on the packaging, that is also possible to get:

Private label packaging

Why choose a Private Label solution?

☑️ Increased earnings from niche products

☑️ Increased earnings through  gennem OEM products

☑️ Growth through additional sales

☑️ Differentiation in the market


When you choose private label cleaning products you make your cleaning products identifiable in the market.

Please contact us for further information about your opportunities for Private Label products.

Max 6 months from start to delivery

Nordisk Microfiber has more than 20 years of experience with delivering Private Labels products. Our expertise helps customers from idea to complete product solutions.

There is about 6 months of delivery time from the first time you contact us until you have the Private Label product delivered – ready to get your brand out in the market and to your customers.

At Nordisk Microfiber we prioritise long-standing partnerships, therefore we ensure us that our solutions and quality live up to your demands.

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