Nordic Recycle Speed Mop (8)

On this page you will find the recent launched Nordic Recycle Speed Mop System. The whole line is made of recyclable materials. Nordisk Microfiber are specialized in manufacturing, designing, and selling professional cleaning concepts for wholesalers. Below you can see our cleaning concept for speed clean mop.

Bucket with vertical mop press, 2x15 l

  • 100% recyclable

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop 2x25 L. incl. mop press

  • 100% recyclable

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop 1x15 l. incl. mop press

  • Bestseller

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop Combi

  • Bestseller

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop 1x15L+ mop press


Nordic Recycle Speed Mop Combi - trolley


Speed Clean mop holder, 40 cm


Nordic Recycle Speed Clean Mop, 40 cm

  • Pro
  • 100% recyclable

Speed Clean Mop made of 7 recycled plastic bottles

Nordic Recycle Speed Clean Mop is the first mop worldwide that is made of 100% recycled polyester – Global Recycled Standard certified. It corresponds to 7 recycled plastic bottles. It is an extremely durable mop for vertical press, the flaps prevent the mop from falling of the speed clean mop frame. The speed clean mop withstands more than 500 washes.

The Speed Clean Mop is a part of Nordic Recycle Speed Mop System.

The cleaning concept is produced of recycled materials and all the products can be recycled so they stay in the product loop. Therefore, Nordic Recycle Speed Mop system is a part of our Zero Waste Concept.

All the products are produced under ISO certified standards (14001 og 9001).

Speed Clean Mop – The perfect concept for small areas

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop system is a cleaning concept designed for smaller areas and for places, where a transportable cleaning solution is requested.

Choose the system that fulfills your requirements. The Speed Clean Mop frame fits all NMF telescopic handles, so there is no need to use time finding the suitable handle.

Nordic Recycle Speed Mop System is a simple and compact cleaning concept that is easy to transport.

The design is black with color-coded handles on the buckets, with ensures a discrete and stylish cleaning system.

With Nordic Recycle Speed Mop System you are choosing a sustainable cleaning concept.

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