Product brands

All NMF brands are developed and designed by NMF. Few have been acquired over the years. NMF continuously develops new brands to the product areas.

Here you can see all NMF product brands, and what characterised the different product lines.

Product line where the products are made of 75% recycled plastic. Stylish and functional product line.
Here you can among others find the sustainable cleaning trolleys Nordic Recycle Trolley.


Product line with strong basic microfiber cloth with high absorbing capability.
All the microfiber cloths in the product line are eco-labelled with OEKO-TEX.


High-end product line with microfiber mops – all mops are Nordic Swan eco-labelled.
Find the mops under Nordic Swan microfiber products.


Competition and tender product line with quality products.
All products are OEKO-TEX ecoelabelled, find them here.


High-end microfiber mops where all are Nordic Swan eco-labelled.


Product line with cleaning trolleys for every need.


Cleaning trolleys of stainless steel – when only the best is good enough.
See all the cleaning trolleys here.


Nordic Swan microfiber mop with viscose that is extra thick and has a high absorbing capability.


Exceptional durable pocket mop with high high absorbing capability.


Product line with pocket mops that can be used for the preparing system GeniMop.


Nordic Swan microfiber cloths that pick up minimum 99% of all bacteria and viruses.


Hygiene mop for dry mopping.


Hygiene mop