Tentax mop system (18)

On this page you will find the Tentax Mop System. The selection consists of both dry mops and damp mops. The blue acrylic mop gets electrostatic and attracts dust. Especially usable for dry mopping and as an alternative to sweeping. The beige cotton mop absorbs water, snow, etc. in dry condition. In damp condition it dissolves and retains dirt.

Tentax scissors mop frame, 2x1 m


Tentax acrylic mop, 2x1 m

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Tentax cotton mop, 2x1 m

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Tentax mop frame, 130 cm


Tentax acrylic mop, 130 cm

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Tentax cotton mop, 130 cm

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Tentax mop frame, 100 cm

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Tentax acrylic mop, 100 cm

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Tentax cotton mop, 100 cm

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Tentax mop frame, 80 cm

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Tentax acrylic mop, 80 cm


Tentax cotton mop, 80 cm

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Tentax mop frame, 60 cm


Tentax acrylic mop, 60 cm

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Tentax cotton mop, 60 cm

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Tentax mop frame, 40 cm


Tentax acrylic mop, 40 cm

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Tentax cotton mop, 40 cm

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Use the Tentax Mop System for different purposes

We offer sizes from 40 cm to 2×1 meters, so the Tentax Mop System is useful for any area. The big sizes are typically used for sports halls, schools, and the like.

Both the blue acrylic mop and the beige cotton mop is suitable for removing dust and as an alternative to sweeping. Nonetheless, there are some differences between the mops. One of the significant differences is that the acrylic mop gets electric and therefore it attracts dust excellently. The beige cotton mop does not get electrostatic, it is suitable for absorbing water, snow, and the like.

More about the blue acrylic mop

The acrylic mop is used for picking up dust particles and different kind of loose dirt. It is not suitable for removing stubborn dirt. The extra fine acrylic in the mop gets electrostatic as soon as you begin to mop the floor. The ability to get electrostatic is why the acrylic mop so easily attracts dust.

The acrylic mop is especially suitable for dry mopping of large areas and as an alternative to sweeping.

Do only use the Tentax acrylic mop in dry condition.

More about the beige cotton mop

This mop can be used the same way as the acrylic mop, but the beige cotton mop is also useful in damp condition to remove slightly difficult dirt. In damp condition it dissolves and retains dirt. In dry condition the cotton mop does not get electrostatic but can still be used to remove dust.

The Tentax cotton mop is suitable for both dry and damp mopping large areas.

Tentax Mop System & OEKO-TEX ecolabel

More of the sizes are ecolabelled with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® – confidence in textiles. The ecolabel is documentation for that the products do not contain environmentally damaging and health hazardous substances damaging to humans, animals, and water environment. There is being tested for more than 300 different substances in the products.

OEKO-TEX Std. 100 is focused on the production of the raw material, including dyeing of the piece goods. It is far more comprehensive than the legislation in Denmark and the European Union (REACH).

With the ecolabel we ensure that we supply products of high quality as well as taking the end-users and the environment into consideration. Read more about OEKO-TEX ecolabelled NMF products here.

The OEKO-TEX certification is evident on the product and the packaging.

All the products in the Tentax Mop System are produced under ISO certified stands (14001 og 9001), which guarantees the highest standards.

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