NMF is moving to a newly built headquarters starting January 2025 🏠

A big announcement from Nordisk Microfiber, which we have been looking forward to sharing with you.

At NMF, we have just signed a new lease agreement and will be moving to a newly built headquarters at the end of the year. This means more space, better facilities, and even more opportunities to give you the best experience.

Quote from our director Rune Sejten:
“For more than 2 years, we have been exploring possibilities in Odense at regular intervals to consolidate our storage in one location and tailor the administrative framework to match our needs, as we are experiencing increasing customer activity in the house and more employees have joined. An essential prerequisite for ensuring NMF’s continued growth is an increased focus on logistics and supply chain.

For our dealers, it is absolutely crucial to have a strong delivery performance from us, and with the increased product range within our core competencies, we want to meet our customers’ expectations, no matter which product is desired from NMF. Our new location gives us the opportunity to live up to this.

Our new headquarters will be built and designed exactly as we want it, so it matches our needs, identity, and brand.”

What can you look forward to?
✅ 60% increased storage capacity and production space = Stronger supply chain and fewer back orders.
✅ 320 sqm of administration and over 100 sqm of showroom for teaching and training in all our products and documentation.
✅ Central and good location in Tietgenbyen near the highway, so you can easily find us.

If you are not quite sure where that is, the address is N.J. Haustrups Vej 6, and the location is right by the exit in Tietgenbyen near Odense SØ with Novo Nordisk as a future neighbor.

Thanks to our good employees, customers, and partners for making all this possible – we look forward to following the process and, most importantly, welcoming you and showing you around.