NMF udvider ejerkredsen,

NMF expands the group of owners for the first time

We are very proud and pleased with that Anja Sørensen is commenced as partner at Nordisk Microfiber.

Anja has been employed at NMF for more than 5 years, and the recent years as Office Manager.

Through the years she has performed at a high level, improved her skills and strengthen her qualifications within several areas. Anja is culture bearer and it was an easy decision to include Anja in the owner group, says Rune Sejten (executive director).

Anja has furthermore been in NMF’s professional Advisory Board the last 2 years and has contributed to the overall strategy for the company in cooperation with the other members.

Anja has through the years played an important role at NMF and is moreover a well-known face to our NMF wholesalers. Anja always gives a personal and professional counselling where the needs of the customer is in focus.

Therefore, it is very pleasant that we can consolidate the strengths at Nordisk Microfiber in connection with the growth we see as a natural part of our business development, says Rune Sejten.


NMF was established in 1998.
NMF is company that produces, develops and sells professional cleaning articles. Our products and wide selection are only distributed via our wholesalers.
For more than 20 years we have developed innovative and quality assured products in cooperation with our customers based on the needs of the market.


We help our wholesalers growing

At NMF we have a constant focus on developing and delivering professional cleaning articles that are adjusted to the market, where the demand on quality, durability and sustainability never has been larger.
We constantly challenge the properties of the products in order to clean better and more eco-friendly.

We develop new products on the basis of the demands and needs from our wholesalers therefore we are very grateful for the growth we see at the wolesalers.

The growth is visible across all product groups and spread on the 12 product brands NMF produces to the professional market.

Thanks to all our wholesalers – we are looking forward to contribute with even more innovation on products, knowledge and services to a market where focus on increased cleaning and documentation is more important than ever.

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