Mop dispenser

PRODUCT NEWS: Mop dispenser

Do you dispense mops correctly before cleaning?

Correct dosage is crucial when the cleaning must be of highest quality.

It is crucial because:

  • If the mop is too dry – it means lower cleaning quality on the surface
  • If the mop is too wet – it meant lower cleaning quality on the surface

See the video and how the mop dispenser is used – and why it is the perfect tool for preparing mops:

Therefore, the mop will have  lower cleaning performance if the dispensing is wrong.

If you want to ensure the best cleaning result every time – the mop dispenser is the solution.
It is the perfect tool to prepare the mops correctly.

Nordisk Microfiber has developed a mop dispenser that eases the work with preparing the mops correctly.

How to use the mop dispenser:

  1. Find the mop or cloth on the mop dispenser
  2. Fill water so it matches the number of mops that needs to be prepared
    (remember to add a little chemical)
  3. Pour the water over the microfiber mops
  4. If you use a box with hermetic lid:
    click the lid on and turn the box around, so the water is even dispensed
  5. The mops are now ready to use


Mop dispenser for preparing mops

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