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Product news: washing net collects microplastics

MARINE ECO FILTER: specially designed washing net with a that collects fiber remains and microplastics during machine washing. It’s also better for your cloths and mops when you use the washing net, as it reduces wear and tear on textiles with up to 70%. That means an extended service life for the textile products. The […]

NMF first with Global Recycled Standard certification

First in Denmark with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified microfiber products for professional cleaning. The strategy is carefully planned and initiated. In 2025 our entire series of Nordic Swan ecolabelled products is produced of recycled material. And naturally, all the products are GRS certified. We expand our certifications with a new important certificate. Soon it […]

PRODUCT NEWS: Mop dispenser

Do you dispense mops correctly before cleaning? Correct dosage is crucial when the cleaning must be of highest quality. It is crucial because: If the mop is too dry – it means lower cleaning quality on the surface If the mop is too wet – it meant lower cleaning quality on the surface See the […]

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SNEAK PEEK from product catalogue 2020

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