Nordic Recycle Trolley (30)

On this page you will find the Nordic Recycle Trolley – combines sustainability, design, and functionality in a unique way. The cleaning trolleys are made of 75% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Nordic Recycle Trolley forms part of the circular economy – and thus meet numerous of the end-users demands to sustainable products.

You can use the sustainable cleaning trolleys with microfiber cleaning system.

Nordic Recycle Trolley - small

  • 100% recyclable

Nordic Recycle Trolley – medium

  • 100% recyclable

Nordic Recycle Trolley – Large

  • 100% recyclable

Driving handle, short


Driving handle, long


NRT bucket 6 litres, blue

  • 100% recyclable

NRT bucket 6 litres, red

  • 100% recyclable

NRT bucket 6 litres, green

  • 100% recyclable

NRT bucket 6 litres, yellow

  • 100% recyclable

Lid to NRT bucket, 6 litres

  • 100% recyclable

NRT Mop bucket, 22 litres

  • 100% recyclable

Lid for NRT mop bucket, 22 litres

  • 100% recyclable

NRT bucket holder, 6 litres

  • 100% recyclable

Sieve, angled


Mop drawer

  • 100% recyclable

Mop support

  • 100% recyclable

Door for chemical locker

  • 100% recyclable

Metal keys, 2 pcs.


Tool holder, short

  • 100% recyclable

Tool holder, long

  • 100% recyclable

NRT Toolflex

  • 100% recyclable

Document holder

  • 100% recyclable

NRT Sack holder, 120 litres

  • 100% recyclable

Double sack holder, 2x70 litres

  • 100% recyclable

Washing bag, 120 litres


Washing bag, 70 litres


Rubber wheel, 125 mm


Rubber wheel with brake, 125 mm


Rubber wheel - outdoor, 150 mm


Rubber wheel - outdoor, 300 mm


Customise your cleaning trolley

Nordic Recycle Trolley is our most flexible cleaning trolley and naturally, that benefits the end-user.  It is possible to customise the trolley because it can be assembled in several different ways. Furthermore, it is possible to get your own logo and design on two sides of the cleaning trolley.

The cleaning trolley is very easy to use with all the useful functions, e.g. locked cabinets, adjustable handle and easy manoeuvrable wheels.

The design is black with color-coded handles on the buckets, with ensures a discrete and stylish cleaning trolley. The stylish design addresses the quality conscious consumer.

Where to use Nordic Recycle Trolley

The cleaning trolley fits different sizes of areas because it is available in 3 sizes:

The recycle cleaning trolleys are also HACCP approved which means that they can be used in areas with food, e.g. cafeterias, kitchens, hospitals, and restaurants.

The trolleys are also available as ready-to-use-set with microfiber cleaning system.

All the Nordic Recycle Trolleys and the spare parts are produced under ISO certified standards (14001 og 9001).

Sustainable cleaning with NMF

When you choose Nordic Recycle Trolley you choose a sustainable cleaning concept.

The cleaning trolleys are produced of recycled materials and all the products can be recycled so they stay in the product loop. Therefore, Nordic Recycle Speed Trolley is a part of our Zero Waste Concept.

For several years we have extended our portfolio of sustainable products, that both reduce the environmental impact, take care of the end-user and result in significant economic cost savings. In 2018 we introduced our TCO tool (Total Cost of Ownership), which documents cost savings in the overall economy. In addition, we offer a complete product line of Nordic Swan microfiber products.

Therefore, expanding the sutainable product line with cleaning trolleys of eco-friendly materials comes perfectly naturally to us.

See NMFs circular cleaning concept here.

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