svanemærkede microfiberklude

NMF launches exclusive and sustainable trolleys

This week we are launching Nordic Recycle Trolley 2.0 – Exclusive Design Line. A complete series of the future’s cleaning and support trolleys. The series includes 9 different models for Facility Management and HoReCa. The future demands for cleanings trolleys are incorporated in NRT 2.0. A powerful and massive update compared to the previous version […]

Control microorganisms with microfiber

Eventhough it is invisible to the naked eye, it is not all mops that leave the floor perfectly clean. That is why it isn’t unimportant which mop you choose. We have earlier demonstrated and described the major difference between microfiber and cotton. And the result is evident every time: ☑️ Microfiber is without a doubt […]

PRODUCT NEWS: Mop dispenser

Do you dispense mops correctly before cleaning? Correct dosage is crucial when the cleaning must be of highest quality. It is crucial because: If the mop is too dry – it means lower cleaning quality on the surface If the mop is too wet – it meant lower cleaning quality on the surface See the […]

SNEAK PEEK from product catalogue 2020

3 news icons make it easy to see the advantages and the savings for sustainable products. 

Circular cleaning concept

Strengthen your environmental profile with a circular cleaning concept from NMF