Ergonomisk buet teleskopskaft til gulvrengøring

Ultra Ergo Curved telescopic handle

Inclusive 40 cm Ultra Clean mop frame with special adaptor. Can be placed against the wall without toppling.

Ergonomisk buet teleskopskaft til gulvrengøring See large picture

Product information

100-150 cm curved telescopic handle for floor-washing. The curved shape makes it easy to clean under bookcases and furniture contemporary with maitaining ergonomic work postures. The telescopic handle has an angular top, a handle and an internal twist lock. Solid and durable lightweight handle of aluminium. Can be placed against the wall without toppling because of the angular top. As the handle isn’t right-angled like traditional handles, it reduces the friction significantly during floor-washing with this handle and mop frame concept. Changing to a 60 cm mop system will be beneficial for many as the friction is extremely low when using this cleaning concept. The handle only fits this mop frame and is only available as a collected set with handle and mop frame.

Washing and maintenance

  • Wipe with damped cloth

Disposal: We recommend disposal at recycling centre.


  • Material Aluminium/plastic HDPE
  • Colour Black/alu
  • Max washing temperature 80 degrees
  • Measurement W40xH100-150 cm
  • Weight 620 g
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Number per package 1 set
  • Number per parcel 10 sets
  • Number per pallet 200 sets
  • Produktions ISO 14001 & 9001