Product news: washing net collects microplastics

MARINE ECO FILTER: specially designed washing net with a that collects fiber remains and microplastics during machine washing. It’s also better for your cloths and mops when you use the washing net, as it reduces wear and tear on textiles with up to 70%. That means an extended service life for the textile products. The […]

NMF launches ground-breaking take back system for microfiber

From waste to resources We have innovated the way we throw out microfiber products now as today the cloths and mops are sorted as refuse disposal. They are being incinerated, and valuable material is going to waste. NMF wants to change that and therefore we now launch TAKE BACK by NMF. We collect. We sort. […]

Microfiber cloth of 70% recycled post-consumer waste

The popular microfiber cloth Super Tentax is now produced of 70% recycled polyester, certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS certification offers security for wholesalers and end-users. GRS is an assurance that the product  actually is produced of recycled material. Recycled polyester provides measurable positive impacts on the environment. The impacts are visible in […]