OEKO-TEX labelled microfiber cloth for glass

Performance Basic Glass Cloth

40x40 cm. Good and strong basic microfiber cloth for surfaces of glass, steel and high lustre - without any use of polishing agent.

  • OEKO-TEX-mærket
  • Basic - Budget Product
  • Bestseller
OEKO-TEX labelled microfiber cloth for glass See large picture

Product information

To be used for cleaning of glass, windows and mirrors – areas where polishing agent normally would be used. Can be used dry, damp or wet. Ecolabelled with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, 2176-336 DTI.

Washing and maintenance

  • Do not use strong alkaline detergents (≤ 12)
  • Use regular detergent (Ph<10,5) – dose 1/3 of recommended dosage
  • Do not use fabric softener, chlorine or bleach
  • Use the damp dry setting when using a dryer or set it to cupboard dry, max 60 degrees

Disposal: To be disposed of with waste disposal or recycled in order to form part of the circular economy.


  • OEKO-TEX Yes
  • Material 70% polyester/30% polyamide
  • Colour Blue
  • Max washing temperature 95 degrees
  • Number of washing 300
  • Dosage 50 ml
  • Measurement 40x40 cm
  • Weight 47 g
  • Traceability Product name and art. no. on label
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Number per package 10 pcs.
  • Number per parcel 200 pcs.
  • Number per pallet 4000 pcs.
  • Produktions ISO 14001 & 9001
  • Reach Yes