Pocket mop frame

Pocket mop frame

Extremely durable mop frame for ordinary cup system, 40 cm.

Pocket mop frame See large picture

Product information

40 cm mop frame for changeable mops. Extremely durable.
Fits to NMF telescopic handles.
Fits to 40 cm pocket mops.

Washing and maintenance

  • Wipe with damped cloth

Disposal: To be disposed of with waste disposal or recycled in order to form part of the circular economy.


  • Material Hard plastic
  • Colour Grey/blue
  • Measurement 11x40 cm
  • Velcro/pocket Pocket
  • Weight 640 g
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Number per package 1 pc.
  • Number per parcel 20 pcs.
  • Number per pallet 800 pcs.
  • Produktions ISO 14001 & 9001