50x60 cm fine mesh washing net with zip

Washing net – small

50x60 cm small mesh washing net with zip. The washing net extends the service life of microfiber products.

50x60 cm fine mesh washing net with zip See large picture

Product information

Use the washing net different products of microfiber or different types of textile are being washed together. Also usable for separating the cloth in colours before wash. The washing net spare the fibres and thereby the shelf life is extended. It is recommended to wash all microfiber products in washing net to ensure optimum cleaning effect and shelf life.

Washing and maintenance

  • Do not use strong alkaline detergents (≤ 12)
  • Use regular detergent (Ph<10,5) – dose 1/3 of recommended dosage
  • Do not use fabric softener, chlorine or bleach
  • Use the damp dry setting when using a dryer or set it to cupboard dry, max 60 degrees

Disposal: We recommend disposal at recycling centre.


  • Material 100% polyester
  • Colour White
  • Max washing temperature 90 degrees
  • Number of washing 1000
  • Measurement 50x60 cm
  • Weight 70 g
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Number per package 10 pcs.
  • Number per parcel 100 pcs.
  • Produktions ISO 14001 & 9001
  • Reach Yes