Tentax acrylic mop 160 cm

Tentax acrylic mop

Mop for tentax mop frame, 160 cm. Ideal for dry mopping of all types of hard floors.

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Tentax acrylic mop 160 cm See large picture

Product information

160 cm dry mop for cleaning dust. In dry condition the extra fine acrylic gets electrostatic when sweeping the floor and thereby it attracts dust. Especially usable for dry mopping large areas and as an alternative to sweeping.
Fits to 160 cm Tentax mop frame, F-160.

Washing and maintenance

  • Do not use strong alkaline detergents (≤ 12)
  • Use regular detergent (Ph<10,5) – dose 1/3 of recommended dosage
  • Do not use fabric softener, chlorine or bleach
  • Does not tolerate tumble dryer

Disposal: To be disposed of with waste disposal or recycled in order to form part of the circular economy.


  • Material 100% acrylic
  • Colour Blue
  • Max washing temperature 40 degrees
  • Number of washing 300
  • Measurement 12x160 cm
  • Velcro/pocket Pocket
  • Weight 630 g
  • Traceability Yes - product name and art. no. on label
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Number per package 1 pc.
  • Number per parcel 30 pcs.
  • Number per pallet 400 pcs.
  • Produktions ISO 14001 & 9001
  • Reach Yes